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When You Don’t Feel Well…Wink at What is Bothering you!

I received this gift, Every Moment Holy: New Liturgies for Daily Life, by Douglas Kaine McKelvey last year. And it has been a gift that keeps giving. When the mundane does not seem Holy, you might be surprised at how God is working the extraordinary in the ordinary

I would encourage you to visit the website and breathe in these wonderful liturgies.

Here is an example of a prayer of healing.

Every Moment Holy: New Liturgies for Daily Life by Douglas Kaine McKelvey.

Looking forward to hearing how this encourages you. ‘Winking Together.’ YOU ARE LOVED!

Every Moment, Holy Liturgies for Everyday Life Volume 1A Liturgy for the Feeling of Infirmities

by Doug Kaine McKelvey

One of the prayers you will find in Every Moment is an excellent prayer for when you’re sick or caring for someone who is.  I pray these words will not only bring comfort. But miraculous healing in Jesus’ name. 

Here’s the prayer with a few edits:

(The original can be downloaded at and I am sure the author would greatly appreciate the support if distributed).

We are not made for mortality but for immortality.

Our souls are ever in their prime, and so the faltering of our physical bodies repeatedly takes us by surprise.

The aches, the frailties, the injuries, the imposition of vexing disease and worsening condition are unwelcome evidence of our long exile from the Garden.

Even so, may the inescapable decline of our bodies here not be wasted. May it do its tutoring work, inclining our hearts and souls ever more vigorously toward your coming Kingdom of God.

While we rightly pray for healing and relief and sometimes receive the respite of such blessings, give us all patience for the enduring of whatever hardships our journeys entail.

For what we endure here in the deterioration of bone and joint, blood and marrow, muscle and ligament, vitality and mobility and clarity, is but our own small share of the malady common to frayed creation yet yearning for a promised restoration.

Give us humility, therefore, in our infirmities, to ask and receive your mercies daily as our needs require. Where our dependence on others increases, let us receive their service as a grace rather than a shame.

Let us trace in the hands of our caregivers the greater movement of your own hands, God, for you are ever meeting us in upholding us, in our weakness.

And in those moments when our bodies betray our trust, work in us by our own hard experiences, a more active and Christ-like compassion for the suffering of others.

Give us also a sense of humor to wink at our weaknesses. Now go ahead, do it knowing that they are but the evidence of a perishable body that will at your beckoning rise again imperishable and that the greater joke is the one played upon death.

Thank you, Jesus, by the inevitable dwindling of our strength, may the mettle of our true hope, at last, be proved, rising as the memory of a strong stirring deep in the bones, a marital melody of which are difficulties are but the approaching drumbeat, reminding us that this flesh and blood are soon to be transformed, redeemed, and remade.

The infirmities we incur today are but the expected buffetings of a battle which victorious end our birthright will be forever reclaimed.

So may the decline of our bodies at this moment incline our hearts and souls ever more vigorously towards your Kingdom, O God. Evermore vigorously.


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