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What I Do

I help equip and empower Christian leaders, who are engaged in justice work, to find encouragement.

Fraser Venter

Justice Consultant & Leadership Coach

area of expertise

Impact the lives you've been called to serve.

Suffering and injustice are not something we can ignore,  and the work of loving people in this hard space can be exhausting.

Rev. Dr. Fraser Venter has 30 years of pastoral and leadership experience and practice in spiritual formation, life coaching, Cultural Intelligence Training, Bias  Training, and Biblical justice and advocacy. He brings both a prophetic and pastoral voice to the need.

Christian leaders, who want to address injustice through the church, can feel isolated, discouraged, and exhausted. Rev. Dr. Fraser Venter provides a Biblically-faithful bridge into the space of loving others through equipping and empowering those engaged in justice work, which ultimately leads to an environment of peace where justice and righteousness come together.

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