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Prophetic Word for October 2023 – Christina Horn

I am grateful for the encouragement of the prophetic in my life. And one of the people I trust to steward this gift is my friend Christina Horn. Enjoy this prophetic word to encourage you not just in October but also beyond. Use it as a prayer guide to encourage you into greater things by faith. He Sees You, and now look for His open doors.

October 2023 – Christina Horn

I heard the Lord say, “I SEE YOU”

You are seen, intimately known, and incredibly valuable to the Lord. You have a place of great significance and eternal worth in His heart. What is important to you is important to Him. Be expectant this month for a fresh encounter and a fresh awareness of being seen and being known by the Lord. You are perfectly made by Him and for Him. His delight is in you. You captivate His heart not by what you do but by who you are. As a father rejoices over His children, so the Lord rejoices, delights, and celebrates YOU.

We are in a time of “face to face” a month and a season where He is making Himself very visible and very accessible to us.

It is very intimate, deeply personal, and relational. Look for Him, discover Him, behold Him. There is an invitation for us to open ourselves up at a very core level and let the very essence of our being be “seen” and “known” by the Lord. There is an invitation to respond to His “I see you” with an “I see You too, Lord.”

Let Him consume you…you are His, and He is yours. See Him. He is intimately and actively involved in every aspect of your life.  Let Him calibrate your eyes, and what you see, what you perceive, and what you believe, with His eyes, His beliefs, and His perspective. 

The Lord is opening the eyes of our hearts to the greatness of Jesus and to the power of His Kingdom.

There is an awakening that is happening in the Bride of Christ; it is an awakening to the reality of His eternal Kingdom. 

Be still. The Lord is ministering and depositing Himself deep within each of us… individually and corporately. Open yourself and receive. The Lord is pouring out fresh oil. Bring every vessel and every part of yourself…receive fresh oil. Don’t try to figure it all out; just receive His outpouring. In time, you and the Lord will unpackage this outpouring together.

Receive, abide, be still. Let Him guide, let Him direct.

You will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way to walk in it. Don’t run ahead. It’s a new thing, a new path, and a new direction. I heard the Lord say, trusted things from the past will be brought forward and mingled with the new and establish a foundation upon which we will build together. Like in the Book of Acts, linger and wait. Don’t presume, and don’t be afraid. 

I heard the Lord say, I am positioning and aligning My Body, My Bride…trust Me. There is an alignment of hope, faith, and belief that is happening.

There is an invitation to re-VIEW (freshly see) the hand and the works of the Lord in your life, and let this re-view catapult you into a trajectory of increased momentum in Him.  It is time to move forward. The Lord is taking some treasured and trusted things of the past and mingling them with the new things that He is doing. Other things of the past He is lovingly folding up and tucking away in His treasure chest. It is these things that will not come forward into the new season.

Momentum is increasing as the foundation is being laid by the Lord.

The Body of Christ is in a season of discovery and adventure. It is a time of great excitement, anticipation, and great trust. It is time to dream again. It is a season of sight and of vision. It is a time to believe. The water level is rising. The faith level is rising. Momentum is increasing. Enter in, step in; the door is open.

Now, and even more so as we draw closer to 2024, I see SO many doors before us.

Free public domain CC0 photo.

There isn’t just one door from the Lord, but so many and such a variety!

I heard the Lord say, you have not gone this way before, but I have gone before you; trust Me. You are not walking forward blind; I am with you.

There is such discovery, adventure, and delight ahead as we cross through and over the threshold of the doors.

The Lord brought me into a vision, and I saw a rocket ship preparing for launch.

I could see the smoke/clouds billowing below the rocket ship and a ladder falling away from the side of it as it prepared for launch. Across the rocket ship, I saw the word “Apollo 1”. Like the launch of Apollo 1 captivated the world, so will the world be captivated by the Lord and will see Him.

This vision was followed by another, where I saw a big clock.

As the clock began to make a loud “dong” like sound, I heard an announcement being made…”it’s time. It’s time, it’s time.”

You were made for this. There is permission to get excited. The Lord is.

No eye has seen, and no ear has heard all the wonders that are ahead. The Lord has been so anticipatory for this time and for this season. You were born and designed to soar in the Lord and with the Lord. Fear has no part in your story…rather, boldness, courage, adventure, and discovery do.

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