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Navigating Transitions by Fraser Venter
Navigating life between where we have been and the future promises of where we will be can leave us confused, perplexed, and discouraged.
But we are not alone on the journey!


Embracing the Spiritual Journey

About the Book

By Fraser Venter


Imagine crossing a bridge on a foggy day. You know the bridge has an end, but the journey must be taken in faith, one step at a time. Liminality in life – the seasons of transition from one station in life to another – are like that bridge. But you are not alone on the journey. The Lord is with you.

In “Navigating Transitions,” Fraser Venter follows the story of David and draws beautiful and challenging comparisons between our lives and his. One thing is certain – transitions are a time of spiritual formation if we will welcome it. Navigating transitions with opens hands, minds, and hearts, can turn the most challenging times of our lives into blessed seasons of growth and newness of life. Join Fraser Venter on this journey and you’ll discover how your own life story is strikingly familiar to David’s story.

Spiritual Director with Selah Center for Spiritual Formation

"Dr. Venter comes along side us not only to journey with us, but to shine light on the growth and transformation available in the chaos and disequilibration we often find during transitional times."

About the Author

Fraser Venter

Rev. Dr. Fraser Venter is a Child of the King, friend of Jesus, servant to the Church, lover of people, and host of the Holy Ghost. Fraser currently is the Free Methodist Strategic Catalyst for Love-Driven Justice, a position that encourages FMCUSA conferences, churches, networks, pastors, and leaders nationally and globally to know and demonstrate God’s heart for justice. Fraser’s greatest joy is loving God and his family passionately, believing in the potential of people’s dreams, giving space and voice to the marginalized, helping others to find and live in their strengths, and living with a legacy mindset. Fraser and Joanne his bride of 30 years, reside in Southern California. They have four children, two by blood and two by love and now the captor of his heart, his first grandchild, Gabriel William Marble.

Fraser Venter

Praise for Navigating Transitions

"I don’t know if there ever has been a more timely book! I’m reminded of a vision I had in 2020. I was holding a hand of cards and placing them in order of suit, determining the power of my hand and how I planned to play it. In the vision, a powerful force came from under my hand and forcefully hit my arm, sending all my cards flying through the air. Imagine if you would each card representing something other than the suit (Ace, King, Queen, Jack) instead of being labeled (Job, Family, Health, Financial Security, Education, Mental/Emotional Health, Hopes, Dreams, Beliefs) What if we were faced with what we thought we had held in our hand securely, only to find out it had all been tossed in the air? Would this dictate a transition? At any time, life’s circumstances can knock the cards you hold and how you plan to play them out of your hands. This book is a powerhouse of a tool designed to guide you and help equip you to grow while in your transition so that you may intentionally and peacefully determine your new “hand.” What will you discard? What will you keep? This book will help guide you in your choices as well as shed new light, and new insight on what looks and feels like an unexpected disaster into a well thought out “Repositioning.” My hope for this book is that it not only gets into the hands of everyone who could use some help in their transition right now, but that people will grab a couple of friends or neighbors, work colleagues, or church family and read this book together. Meet regularly in a home or coffee spot and support each other through the transitions we are all facing as we grow in our confidence in navigating such a journey. "
Traci Rogers

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