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Post Surgery Psalm

My friend Scott is the Medical Director of a Diabetes Treatment Center and Clinical Trial Center, the Vice-Chair of Loma Linda’s Department of Medicine and Research, and one of the world-renowned leading Endocrinologists. Yet, he would never introduce himself this way. He prefers to go by Scott, lover and follower of Jesus. I have learned much about faith, ministry, marketplace ministry, and generosity from my friend, whether serving with him in Kingdom missions, the local Church, or the board we serve on together. And this post is yet another lesson he taught me about the goodness of God when our bodies are failing us, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the beauty of finding His presence in rest. 

Thanks so much, Scott. You are loved, and thanks for letting me share some of your stories with others.

While in the hospital post-surgery, let me say that again while in the hospital post-surgery, he wrote the following personal testimony and inspired Psalm from this experience. 

A little background: Scott was transported to the same hospital he often joyfully entered via ambulance late in May. His blood pressure was 60 and dropping dangerously low. Scott was treated for nine days for a severe infection in the GI system from an underlying condition called Crohn’s disease. He then underwent surgery during the hospitalization. For the last several years, my friend has suffered through this ailment yet always holds onto the hope of miraculous healing and the faithfulness of Jesus. 

With his permission, I share the following, and may it sincerely encourage you as it did me. Wherever you are and whatever your need, read these words as an encouragement that you are not alone. 

You are Loved!

People ask me who is the Holy Spirit and what He is like. Let me share with you what I saw with my own eyes. He moved miraculously amongst family, loved ones, friends, and believers to shake heaven into the earth. He influenced every healthcare worker, medication given, and surgery done to bring about healing. His way, which always turns out better than ours. He intervened in miraculous ways to bring assistance in times of pain, the kind of pain which takes your breath away. Every time I cried out to Jesus, You quickly acted in power and decisiveness. 

For seven days, I slept almost 24/ 7 hours. It was an unusual time when my body and soul were in a place of fatigue and exhaustion from the infection which spread in my body. My beloved Holy Spirit led me into the true place of sabbath. The way I describe how my Beloved One leads me is this way. He would speak and say why don’t you not watch this or answer that message but allow yourself to relax and rest and live in the quiet peace and fullness of my presence. His leadership is never coercive. He suggests and recommends ways and paths that can be contrary to what we naturally feel like doing. He allows us choice but lovingly points in the direction of the way of Jesus.  

It is rare that I feel the fullness of the Lord’s presence without something going on like worship prayer, but I heard from prophet Bob Jones who said that some of his most profound times were in stillness, yet I had not experienced that for extended periods of time, just small occasions. But the silence was where the Spirit led me that week when I entered into what felt like a continual sabbath. Yet the silence was not empty but full. Resting in Him was pregnant with the fullness of His presence. 

How do I describe living and experiencing in a continual place of sabbath rest that Hebrews talks about? It is a resting place only possible through grace, where we retire from all our self-efforts because we know we are completely safe and protected. It is a place of complete nakedness, like Adam and Eve before the fall, where we exist without a mask. Masks are heavy, aren’t they? They weigh us down because we are afraid to show others our weakness. They take energy to wear. It stops us from recognizing when others help us or assist us because we don’t want to let people know that we are dependent on others. In place of Sabbath rest, where our Beloved Holy Spirit leads us, there is the freedom to share our weakness and frailty and acknowledge that it is and always has been about Him and what He did. That is our frailty; we need family and community. I can be open about my dependence on the body. I can love Him because I genuinely do love Him and not pretend I am something I am not when those feelings are not deeply anchored in the core of my soul. How relaxing and free to be in such a place.  

 In this place of no effort and grace that we labor to enter, our spirits and bodies are brought back to life and revived by our Beloved Holy Spirit as He is breathed over us by the Father. The Father blows over His children, and we are restored to life. Our hearts and bodies are awakened to life and changed and transformed.

 As I listened online to Church recently, they sang a song that I thought captured much of my life story: 

The Goodness of God  by Bethel Music

I love You, Lord,  For Your mercy never fails me

All my days, I’ve been held in Your hands

From the moment that I wake up Until I lay my head in bed

 Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God

And all my life, You have been faithful And all my life, You have been so, so good. With every breath that I am able, Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God

I love Your voice… You have led me through the fire… In the darkest night…You are close like no other…I’ve known You as a Father….I’ve known You as a Friend

 And I have lived in the goodness of God (yeah) … And all my life You have been faithful (oh) And all my life You have been so, so good With every breath that I am able Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God (yeah)

 … ‘Cause Your goodness is running after… It’s running after me…Your goodness is running after… It’s running after me

 With my life laid down… I’m surrendered now… I give You everything… ‘Cause Your goodness is running after… It’s running after me!

Now here is the Psalm that Scott wrote while recovering. Enjoy, and be blessed.

A Psalm to My Beloved Holy Spirit  by Dr. Scott Lee

A Psalm to the One unseen by human eyes who works in beautifully mysterious ways often missed by human eyes and yet, ever faithful to carry out the will and direction of our Daddy, Papa, heavenly Father. 

Our Father is the source of all things good and new and life itself.  

My Beloved Holy Spirit, You exalt and lift up Jesus and our Father, never seeking attention or praise for yourself. 

 My beloved Holy Spirit, whose gentle Hand of comfort was like a warm cuddly blanket of shalom peace in the hospital.  

Your presence leads us into a place of total clarity and calm amidst the chaos, confusion swirling around, and physical pain that enveloped my body and soul.  

You were always present in this place of rest, leading me into a spacious place of grace. 

Kindness upon kindness, not deserved or earned. You give to us because that is who you are and the heart and soul of your very nature. 

My Beloved Holy Spirit, how could I ever doubt the kindness and goodness of God when your presence alongside me carried through my weak body and Spirit in dark times? 

You are holy because there is nothing ordinary about you. 

You are above comparing and the very breath of the Father. 

You are holy because your love is completely righteous and perfectly pure. 

You are holy because your love is perfect without fault. 

A Challenge:

Have you ever thought about writing your own Psalm?

Don’t worry; I am not asking you to do something heretical but rather practical and personal. The Psalms of Holy scripture witness real-life moments individually, corporately, and culturally. 

We all benefit greatly from the inspiration of these timeless Words. Yet at the same time, they call us and urge us to give language to our hearts’ praises, laments, and prayers.

I promise you will be surprised at how much the Holy Spirit will delight in seeing the words of your heart on paper. And how Holy Spirit will guide you in the process.

Be blessed in the doing and becoming.  

God is not seeking perfection, just ordinary people with words that mean much to Him.  

You are loved!

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